Boxspringbett 600

Kreamat comfort
in your own bed frame!

A box spring provides you with incomparable comfort. But you are tied

to the style and appearance of this type of bed. Or maybe not? Opt for our insert box spring 600 and you are choosing to insert Kreamat comfort into an existing or new bed frame. Design and content work really well together.

It is easy to place this insert box spring in your own bed frame or to convert a Kreamat.
 This is made possible by using special couplings. It goes without saying that the bed meets our own high-quality standards that provide you with the best possible night's sleep.

 The 600 is available as a flat bed or fully electrically adjustable bed.


How do you get the strength and comfort of a box spring in a minimalist design?
The answer… technology. We succeeded in developing a unique, low-extended pocket spring.
A special finish on the spring ensures it retain its elasticity. The cover materials are also highly elastic and durable.The outcome? It’s an extremely compact box spring that rivals our other sleep systems in terms of comfort and quality.

Optimal support

The insert Box Spring 600 provides optimal support. The shoulders are the widest part of the body. Our patented Kreamat technology (a separate shoulder piece with flexible pocket springs) allows the shoulders to sink in the right way into the mattress. This prevents health problems, you sleep better and start your day rested.

Excellent ventilation

Ventilation and drainage of moisture is important for the lifespan of your bed and the quality of your sleep. This is why the 600 is fitted with the Airvent 3D fabric. This special fabric ensures that the bed ventilates optimally and