• Kreamat

Kreamat continues to develop flexible sleeping solutions, including
mattresses and box springs, that match individual client
needs as much as possible. An individual sleep solution is worked out based on an analysis of a
client’s body type and their
expectations about sleep comfort.

This solution is then produced in the production facility in Bilzen in Belgium. The ever-evolving flexible production process is an ideal mix of automation and craftsmanship.

The builds on our forte in creating ergonomic lying comfort. Kreamat has carried out a great deal of research and development to incorporate responsible ergonomics and comfortableness into our box springs.


To this end, we have developed a unique patented shoulder technology
for the shoulder zone. This patented development is unprecedented in the box springs market.

Kreamat was then able to extend this technology further to achieve the ultimate ergonomic personalised sleep comfort, namely,

Sleep à la Carte by Kreamat. It is the first unique box spring with separate shoulder, lumbar and hip modules. The sleep à la carte box spring has unlimited personal sleep combinations to support the shoulder, back and hip and is a unique concept in its market.

Everyone can now sleep consistent with their build, height, weight, gender, age, etc.


Kreamat’s latest novelties demonstrate that design and ergonomics go hand in hand really well. Kreamat has developed various design concepts that guarantee a new experience in comfortable living. With the matching accessories, sleeping on Kreamat beds becomes more and more of a real experience at home.

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