Sleep à la carte designed by studio segers by kreamat

More than 50
sleep combinations!

The “Sleep à la Carte by Kreamat” box spring with more than 50 personal sleep combinations to support shoulder, lumbar and hip is a concept unique in the bed market.

Everyone can now sleep à la carte consistent with their build, height, weight, gender, age, etc. It’s just like it has been for decades where everyone can wear clothes in their own size and length. Yet, we all slept in exactly the same kind of beds regardless of our body type. 

Now, the spring modules of the “Sleep à la Carte by Kreamat” box spring are adjustable to a particular person’s body type.

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Everyone is unique. To determine the correct sleep support for the shoulders, back and hips, we need to allow for more than just weight and height. We must especially allow for body type. Where a person’s weight is primarily situated and their natural back curvature are very important for a natural sleep position.

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Unique Kreamat Shoulder technology

You won’t see it when you lie down on a Kreamat bed, but you’ll really feel it… your shoulders, the broadest part of your body, sinks deeper into the mattress. Your spine is optimally supported and retains its natural shape.

This literally balanced sleep position ensures you enjoy a more relaxed and healthy sleep. You can thank this comfort to the patented Kreamat shoulder zone in the Sparta box spring. The separate shoulder module is a unique and personalised optimisation in the world of box springs.