Sedes Daybed

The ultimate sleep comfort… it’s a science, although not an exact one. Each body is unique. Build, height, weight, spine, age, gender, etc. What is best for you is not necessarily best for someone else. Kreamat understands this. And, it develops flexible sleep solutions that perfectly match your individual sleep needs. While ergonomic sleep comfort is the absolute starting point, Kreamat takes a step beyond healthy sleep.

Residing at home you want to live comfortably, be active, and yet mostly relax. Designed by Studio Segers for Kreamat, the SEDES daybed stands for rest and relaxation. The SEDES is smoothly adjustable starting at a flat sleeping position changing all the way up to a comfortable seating position. In the horizontal position, the SEDES is a bed with optimal sleep comfort. Three high-density foam guarantee a blissful, ergonomically sound lying position. When the back and foot zones are set at the highest position with the wireless controller, SEDES becomes a fully-fledged lounger.

The SEDES is extremely compact, which provides a great deal of flexibility. It has an architectural, seating support with adjustable floating cushions. Professionally upholstered with selected fabric in a variety of contemporary colours. Ideal for the young nomadic crowd, but also practical for use as a guest bed in lounge areas, wellness areas or country cottages. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for a refreshing power nap even at home or in the office.

Luxury reveals itself in simplicity… SEDES stands for optimal comfort and modest, restrained but appropriate design.