Slapen a la carte Boxspring

We can create your personal sleep system to conform to your body using the measurement results from the scientifically based advice. With the Sleep à la carte box spring, three removable compartments can be swapped out. These are located at the height of the shoulder, back and hip zones. These can vary in hardness (soft, medium, firm, extra firm and extra-extra firm) and be adjusted to your height.

This ensures that your body is naturally supported at all zones in accordance with your natural body type. Finally, the advice system also indicates which combination of types of mattress and pillow are needed for you to achieve the ultimate sleep experience. If your needs change over time due to body changes related to weight loss, pregnancy and so on, the box spring can be easily modified by replacing one or more module 

Unique Kreamat shoulder technology

The spring modules in the Sleep à la Carte by Kreamat box spring are not joined to each other, so that the shoulders can sink as optimally as possible in the mattress. Our shoulders are broader than our hips, which makes it necessary to create an optimal ergonomic lying comfort.

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Everyone is unique. To determine the correct sleep support for the shoulders, back and hips, we need to allow for more than just weight and height. We must especially allow for body type. Where a person’s weight is primarily situated and their natural back curvature are very important for a natural sleep position.

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