Chopal Matras

Classic luxury
for optimal

The Swedish quality of the thermally-hardened pocket springs interior guarantee lasting flexibility and resilience.

A natural latex comfort layer provides durable support above and below the seven comfort zones in the core. The open ventilation channels optimally ventilate the mattress.

The Chopal mattress is available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm 


The elastic composition of this luxury velvet reinforces the supportive effect of the interior. The fabric is made with the highest quality wools, such as Merino and Plein-air.

The elastic property of the naturally curly hair of the new Plein-air wool increases the overall lying comfort of this real classic.

The Chopal is available as mattress as well as a top mattress. The interior consists solely of a natural latex filling.

is verkrijgbaar als matras maar ook als oplegmatras. Hierbij bestaat het interieur enkel uit een natuurlatex vulling.